Some of you might be familiar with this from Gary Vaynerchuck. If you are, don’t look for his videos if you want to learn more about running a business. Don’t get me wrong. His videos are great for motivation. I listen to shows while working out and it gets me more pumped up than rap music.

Micro Speed

What micro speed to me is how I answer these questions: How do you spend your day and is it optimized to help you achieve your goals within the time frame that you want?

Even for me, I can answer the first question but I have problem on the second. That’s why I end up not achieving what I wanted. I’m working to improve on that now. What I’m doing differently now is I force myself to journal. The least that I can do is create a task list for tomorrow.

I also try to write down my goals, any thoughts that I have that I want to refer back to, important events (both future and past). This is so that I can always go back and review what I did or didn’t do and what do I still have left to do.

If you don’t review, then you are always starting back at zero and you will definitely have a hard time progressing. Like Gary Vee keeps on saying: you have to put in work. But it’s not just any work after work. You have to improve and progress. This is what micro speed means to me. It’s not necessarily on the rate of work you put in. It’s.. Is it OPTIMIZED.

Macro Patience

So you’ve put in a lot of work (or a little bit. It’s ok) and you don’t see the results you wanted. How long have you been doing that work? Not everything you do will give you results tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean that you give up on it. I chose to do business full time because I knew what was working and so if I put all my time and effort on it, I can get much better returns. Guess what?

The 1st month after I went full-time business, the results were pretty much the same as previous months. Overall it was worse because I didn’t have my monthly paycheck to support me. Even as I write this, I have yet to see significant return on my decision to go full time business.

But I’m not giving up because I’m starting to see small successes. Using my time to create 4-6 content a day on social media has some improvement on the business. Not in terms of increase in revenue but decreased dependency on paid advertising.

In conclusion, you gotta put in work. Optimize your day so what you do actually helps you in achieving your goals. Be patient. Consistency and persistence is the key. Don’t forget to celebrate small wins.