Why Hire Me

With all the Facebook strategies and tactics out there,  as well as updates to the algorithm, it can be overwhelming for startup founders. That's where I come in.
Facebook Ads Expertise
Over 6 years hands-on experience managing Facebook Ads accounts. Handled more than RM500,000 in total Facebook advertising spend for multiple startups.
Conversion Optimization
Low cost engagements don't mean much. I focus on Facebook Ads strategies that get results that matters to your business, whether they are leads or sales.
Scalabe Growth Engine
I can't stress enough about building the fundamentals and having the right process. It will drive better results in the long run compared to secret tactics that are short-lived.

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I am currently taking on client work and partnerships. If you'd like to work with me or collaborate, feel free to get in touch.
Amirul Mokhtar
Amirul Mokhtar

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